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Interesting San Francisco Price Trends

This chart gives an exceedingly clear illustration of the seasonality of home price appreciation over the past 4 years. Summer/autumn plateau in 2015? It’s happened to a large degree every year since 2012. We won’t really know where the market is headed next until we see what happens in early spring 2016. (Barring some large, […]

San Francisco Bay Area Housing Affordability and Market Corrections

A look at San Francisco Bay Area housing affordability trends over time and how they intersect with real estate market corrections: The 2008 San Francisco Bay Area real estate crash was not caused just by a local affordability crisis: It was triggered by macro-economic events in financial markets which affected real estate markets across the […]

Interesting S&P Case-Shiller Index for San Francisco Real Estate Prices

This S&P Case-Shiller Index is very interesting. The prices for homes in the upper third of prices – which dominate in most of San Francisco, central and southern Marin, and central Contra Costa – ticked down a tiny bit in summer, exactly as they did last summer. These short-term fluctuations are common and not particularly […]

Check Out the Interactive Home Price Map of San Francisco!

SF Price Appreciation By Neighborhood

The following shows the annual, compound, median-sales-price appreciation rate for San Francisco houses, by neighborhood, since 1994. This calculation simply uses the 1994 median sales price and calculates appreciation through to the 2015 YTD median sales price. (Return on cash investment percentages are higher, since that calculation starts with a 20%-of-median-price downpayment.) The analysis is […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you enjoy this calendar or events for the San Francisco holiday season and make it a wonderful and grateful Thanksgiving holioday!

San Francisco High Tier Housing Stats

Buying and Selling Action in San Francisco as of October 2015

The really big jumps in median 3-BR house prices over last year occurred in the mid-price neighborhoods like Bernal Heights, Glen Park and Miraloma Park. The most expensive neighborhoods, such as Pacific Heights and Presidio Heights don’t have enough 3-BR house sales to put on the chart.

SF Prices Based on What Year the Condo Was Built

Don’t you think this is interesting in what the price per square foot is for buildings based on what year they were built in San Francisco?

Bob Dadurka on Oil, Europe, China & San Francisco

Oil, Europe, China, the High-Tech Boom & San Francisco Bay Area Real Estate From a talk given by CEO Robert Dadurka to Paragon agents on October 7, 2015 Current events happening in different parts of world and in different markets are impacting our local economy here in the Bay Area. Let’s take a look at […]

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