Joyce A. – Seller

I do not live in San Francisco so when I wanted to sell my family home in S.F. I asked a friend, that was also a realtor, to help me.. She did a shout out to business partners in S.F. and Terry and Chris’s name popped up several times as being the most competent and helpful agents in the city.  I interviewed them, found them to be very friendly, well informed about the area and eager to help with an extensive list of resources. They advised me to do some minor improvements, painting in and out, repairing damaged floors, etc. They also advised me against spending any more money due to its age, “no staging is necessary”, which was especially nice to hear.  They arranged and facilitated all of the work to be done at the house.  That was incredibly helpful as I do not live in the area. I had an update every step of the way, which I really appreciated.   Terry and Chris made a recommendation for the sales price, which I thought was very reasonable.  Apparently everyone else thought it was as well.  I sold it in days, no contingencies, more than 50% over asking.  We were all shocked and very happy.  I highly recommend them.