Pete W. – Buyer

Chris and Terry were incredibly helpful as we went through our home-buying process. It took us nine months of searching before we made an offer, and they were extremely patient, never pushing us to settle for something we weren’t happy with. They spent a lot of time trying to better understand what we were looking for, and improving their filters and suggestions. They also steered us to a great mortgage broker who helped get a pre-approved loan with a great rate and very little hassle.

When we did find a place we were ready to buy, they sprang into action, guiding us through the house in person, making sure we were aware of what we were purchasing, and then collaborating to put together a clean offer that won us the property, over similar bidders with more complex deals.  We managed to close in less than three weeks, and even at the end of the process they thoughtfully sent along an information sheet with the numbers of the local utility and service companies, so we could easily update everything we needed to move in.

I’d highly recommend hiring Chris and Terry as your agents, they did a marvelous job for us.