Stephanie H. – Seller

I attribute the success to the wonderful partnership we formed for the sale and the professionalism that you brought to the process. I placed my complete trust and confidence in both of you from the very start the day we all sat down together to sign the paperwork. You carefully walked me through all the steps and the timeline for the sale and we made a “to do list” with clear direction on what was to be done and by whom. Your cadence, planning, foresight and experience made it easy to walk through the process step by step. It was a bit of work getting the condo ready to be presented, but the result of my following your direction to the letter resulted in a beautiful home that I was proud to show. Indeed, I have fallen in love with this condo all over again now that the clutter is gone and the beautiful light is showcased. You scheduled the window washing, the repairs and maintenance and arranged for furniture pick-up for me. I really cannot believe how quickly you made all of this happen and I am so grateful again for the way we were able to work together. I truly benefitted from the depth and breadth of your experience and am stunned at what we were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time.

I have to admit I had to take a deep breath when you told me the listing price of $1.275 million, I had hoped to sell the condo for closer to $1.35 million. I swallowed hard and kept my concerns to myself, knowing that with your 22 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the San Francisco market, that you had a strategy planned. And boy oh boy, did it pay off big time. Eight offers and a sales price $265,000 over asking!! And an already negotiated back up offer in the wings!! I am just stunned.