Interesting Price Stats for San Francisco’s North Side – Marina, Pacific Heights, Inner Sunset, Lower Pac Heights

San Francisco Unit Sales by Property Type – Shazam!

These charts for Districts 5, 7 and SoMa/South Beach/Yerba Buena/Mission Bay reveal the individual sales that underlay median sales prices. This can be valuable for both buyers evaluating neighborhood options and sellers seeing where their listing price falls within the range of sales.

San Francisco Condo Values, Construction Trends, Interest Rates

One thing to note: typically, all things being equal (which they rarely are), the smaller the unit the higher the dollar per square foot. Average unit sizes have steadily declined in the last hundred years, but there are lots of other issues: quality and appeal of construction (which greatly varied by period), where a certain […]

Pacific Heights, Marina, Presidio Heights Prices in San Francisco

Price Per Square Feet of San Francisco Multi-Unit Buildings

Richest Households in San Francisco by Zip Code!

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