How Green is Green?

In this world of concern and search for renewable energy, we find ourselves faced with answering the question of how big is our carbon footprint.  I know, that is one of those things that some of us are bound to say “Who cares!” or “Why should I care!”; and then there are some of us […]


It won’t be any surprise to you that at sale time, any home in good physical condition will have a competitive edge over the fixer-upper. Routine maintenance is the best way to prevent major repairs. So if you have been putting them off before, try to make them before selling your home, and you may […]

Happy Remodeling !?

Ever consider remodeling?  I’m sure for most people the answer would be yes.  Most of us at least “consider” remodeling at some point in time.  Statistically, the number one remodel job is the kitchen.  And let me tell you, going through a kitchen remodel and not having a kitchen for several months is NOT fun.  Who […]

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