Happy Remodeling !?

Ever consider remodeling?  I’m sure for most people the answer would be yes.  Most of us at least “consider” remodeling at some point in time.  Statistically, the number one remodel job is the kitchen.  And let me tell you, going through a kitchen remodel and not having a kitchen for several months is NOT fun.  Who says eating out all the time would be great?  Well, since I am going through a kitchen remodel as we speak, I am getting very tired of eating out all the time.  At least I don’t have the problem anymore of standing in front of the frig trying to decide what I want to eat!  HA!  But of course, remodeling does have it’s advantages; I now get to design what I want my new kitchen to look like.  It can be overwhelming, but having fun doing it is definitely the key to a sane remodel.  And accepting the contractor’s excuses for the assured delays is a sure blood pressure reducer; otherwise, you’ re just gong to get all wound up for nothing.  Gently prodding them with your 10 daily calls helps…(helps you anyway).  And remember, keep your eye of the outcome,  not on the daily issues…it’s a nice, happy thought!  Happy remodeling!! 

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