How Well Do You Know Real Estate?

Recently, a survey was conducted of a cross section of people across the United States.  I found some of the questions intriguing and the answers very interesting.  I thought I’d share this with you.


So, how well do you know Real Estate?  Below are eight questions that were asked.  Just for fun answer the questions and the scroll down to the bottom and see the most prominent answers.


1.) What are the most desired features that Buyers look for when buying a home?

  • a. Central Air
  • b. Garage with 2 or more spaces
  • c. Walk In Closet in the Master Bedroom
  • d. Backyard or Play Area


2.) What is the most popular product used for flooring in a new construction?

  • a. Carpet
  • b. Hardwood
  • c. Ceramic Tile
  • d. Vinyl


3.) How many homes does the typical buyer look at before making a purchase?

  • a. 3
  • b. 5
  • c. 10
  • d. Too many to count?

 4.) What style of home is most frequently purchased?

  • a. 2 Bedroom/1 Bath
  • b. 3 Bedroom/2 Bath
  • c. 4 Bedroom/2 Bath


5.) What is the best and most popular color to paint the exterior of your home?

  • a. Beige
  • b. Gray
  • c. White
  • d. Green


6.) Home much money does the average homeowner spend in home improvements before placing their home on the market?

  • a. $500
  • b. $1,000
  • c. $3,000
  • d. $10,000


7.) The best way to make your home feel bigger is to convert unused living space into an office or a playroom.

  • a. True
  • b. False


8.) It is a good idea to upgrade to a gourmet kitchen to increase the resale value of your home.

  • a. True
  • b. False


1.)  A – Central Air; 2.) A – Carpet; 3.)  C – 10; 4.)  B – 2 Bedroom/2 Bath; 5.)  C – White; 6.)  C- $3,000; 7.)  A – True; 8.)  B – False

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