Is the Wine Country Worth It?

Is it worth all the hype?  As I am sitting here early in the morning at our home overlooking the Sonoma Valley in Glen Ellen eating my egg whites and drinking my green tea, I am wondering why generations of people try to escape the Cities all around the world and go to places in the country.  Is it for the sun beating down on all the lavender plants?  How about for the fresh air scrubbed clean by all the black and tan oaks?  Or the hawks gliding effortlessly on the thermals over the Valley?  Or the sweet smell of the acacias which drive many to madness with allergies?  How about the bluest sky during the day and the clearest sky at night where millions of stars advertise their existence?  I don’t know.  I have noticed a certain calm peacefulness that seems to pervade my every cell the minute I drive through that gate.  Maybe that’s it.  Maybe all these things together give me the sensation that this home, La Maison d’Or, is the center of the Universe.   And all things are right with the world.

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