It’s Picture Time!



It’s Picture Time!  And with the holidays approaching (I know, we haven’t even cleared Halloween yet – but look at the department stores, they’re already decked for the season) it is time to start considering gifts for your friends, colleagues and loved ones, and a photo is the perfect idea! 


But, the real reason I chose this topic was more than just the gift giving aspect.  When you are looking to put your house on the market, great photos of your property are super selling aids.  Typically your realtor will take the photos; but, setting your interior up to look perfect for the occasion is a very big thing, just as it is in your showings.  When you go to a photographer for a personal photo, you want to make sure every hair is in place and that your make-up (ladies) and attire is perfect.  You probably search your closet or go shopping just for the occasion.  The same thing applies to the photos of the interior of your home.


If you have looked through on-line pictures of home interiors, many times you will see the home clean and presentable, but not perfect and show quality.  What looks good to me as an everyday person living in my home, may not appeal to the person who is looking to buy a new home.


The bigger the better!  When a buyer is looking for a home, they want to believe that they are getting the most home for their money.  Consequently, the bigger the home looks, the better deal they believe they are getting.  When a home is furnished to the gills, it looks, well….. FULL!  And quite frankly, the square footage goes out the window, if you know what I mean.  When you go to an open house you see a home that is either TOTALLY empty (giving you the opportunity to fill it in your mind) or a home that has a limited amount of furnishings and decorations, giving the appearance that it is VERY ROOMY.


So, when you are preparing your home for the photo shoot, think of it as:

Putting every hair in place and applying make-up perfectly;  

Remove all of the extras; put away anything that doesn’t really need to be there;

Make sure that you have plenty of indirect lighting to give your home a warmer appearance; and

If you’re totally stumped on what to do, talk to your realtor or a home staging expert.


With these simple things in mind, your home should look fabulous and help to escalate your property to the top of the “I WANT THAT ONE!” list.

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