Marketing Strategies – Both Sides of the Nickle

With the housing market being described in the news, both local and national, as it is, we tend to become concerned about things like the valuation of our property, mortgage issues, the what ifs concerning jobs etc., or whether or not we should have changed our lifestyle 6 months ago when everything seemed great.  The reality is that home values will “stabilize” again; however, it may be a bit of a rocky ride until they do.


If you have been thinking about selling your property, the best advice right now would be to stay put and hang in there.   However, if your circumstances are such that you need to sell in today’s soft market, then following are a few tips that might be helpful:


  • Your home is only worth what someone else is willing to pay.  Consequently, price your home accordingly.  When you are looking at buying a new car, often the dealer throws in something a little extra to clinch the deal.  In your case as a homeowner, throw in an incentive like a free flat-screen TV, or offer assistance like helping the buyer secure financing or cover closing costs.
  • Put your home through a “Fresh as a Daisy” critique.  When was the last time your home had a makeover?  Don’t try to sell your home “As Is” unless that you are willing to negotiate your price accordingly.
  • Look for a seasoned real-estate agent with a high percentage of sold homes.
  • Get your listing on-line.
  • Try renting your property instead of selling or offering a lease-to-own option to renters.


If you are looking to buy a property, don’t wait to pounce on the good deals as the housing market may already be “at or near bottom”.  Use the glut of homes on the market and sellers’ anxiousness to sell to bargain more effectively.

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