Rock the Vote

 Voting is a constitutional right of most citizens of the United States. In years gone by, it was considered a Civic Duty to vote for the candidate or law that you felt best suited the needs of the people; however in recent years a number of citizens have elected not to vote. Not voting is also your choice.


But, with the economic times in the condition they are, this is the perfect opportunity for you as a citizen of this great country to have your voice heard in your selection of a new president.


Although we do not intend for this to be an endorsement of any specific candidate or potential law, we encourage you strongly to follow your instincts and logic when you vote. If you have not already done so, please register to vote. The deadline for registration is October 20th, 2008 for California. For more information, please go to If you are an out of state reader of our blogs and newsletters, please check your voter registration rules posted by your state’s Secretary of State or appropriate state agency for voter registration.


So, let’s rock the vote this year and collectively put into office the best candidate to serve our needs as citizens of this great country.


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