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Updated S&P Case-Shiller Home Price Index San Francisco

This chart illustrates a general trend in the Bay Area: more affordable market segments have continued to be very hot since spring, while more expensive segments have basically plateaued:

SF Home Sales by Price Segment

Thinking about the market, it seemed that lower-priced home sales (especially houses) were still quite hot and sales under $1 million were clearly decreasing in volume as prices rose in more affordable areas. And sales of higher priced homes were decreasing as that segment cooled off, which would suggest that sales between $1m and $2m […]

SF Market Dynamics by Property Type and Price Segment

DOM-UC-FS_by-Prop-Type_Price-Segment Expired-to-Sold_Ratio_by-Prop-Type_Price-Segment UC-to-FS_Ratio_by-Prop-Type_Price-Segment

Check Out the Luxury Homes in San Francisco From Paragon

Interesting stats with regard to homes over $2 million sold in San Francisco: 6-16-YTD_Percent_Change_Lux-Home_Percent-Market_Share

Wanna Know What’s Happening in the South Beach of SF?

A snapshot of one corner of the market. These Broker Metrics charts are all specific to condos in South Beach, Yerba Buena and Mission Bay of $1.5m and above. It’s based on MLS data, so they do not include listings and sales at Lumina. This area has, over recent years, become the leader in lux-condo […]

Are San Francisco Prices Cooling a Little?

Looking at market statistics for Q1, this is what I’m seeing: houses under $2m: the market is as hot as ever; houses over $2m cooling a little; condos under $1.5m definitely cooling (probably most in D9 with competition from new projects); condos over $1.5m cooling down very significantly (especially in D9, and the general South […]

San Francisco “Macro-Economic” Charts

We created or updated a number of “macro-economic” charts. According to the SF Business Times, of the 100 largest high-tech employers in SF, 64 of them are private companies (many of which would qualify as a so-called unicorn valued at $1 billion plus).

San Francisco Market Snapshots

The Quarter 1 and 2 statistics, when they become available, will tell us much more about market trends, but in the meantime here are some statistical snapshots from InfoSparks, comparing February data for 2014, 2015 & 2016. So far, I’m not seeing any big shifts in statistical market realities from previous years. New Listings: SFD […]

Interesting San Francisco Price Trends

This chart gives an exceedingly clear illustration of the seasonality of home price appreciation over the past 4 years. Summer/autumn plateau in 2015? It’s happened to a large degree every year since 2012. We won’t really know where the market is headed next until we see what happens in early spring 2016. (Barring some large, […]

San Francisco Bay Area Housing Affordability and Market Corrections

A look at San Francisco Bay Area housing affordability trends over time and how they intersect with real estate market corrections: The 2008 San Francisco Bay Area real estate crash was not caused just by a local affordability crisis: It was triggered by macro-economic events in financial markets which affected real estate markets across the […]

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