Christopher Stafford and Terry Wright

After buying a house, wait a bit on big projects!

By Alan J. Heavens, Inquirer Real Estate Writer POSTED: February 16, 2014 Although many buyers these days avoid properties that require major renovation, that doesn’t mean they’re shunning first-year projects designed primarily to make the houses they do purchase their own. Even during the real-estate boom, when buyers often had some money left over after […]

Where Is Your San Francisco Home Price Going?

San Francisco Real Estate: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

San Francisco Real Estate: Looking Back, Looking Ahead January 2014 Market Report The real estate market recovery started in earnest in 2012 and then went white hot in spring 2013, which resulted in a huge jump in home prices. In the last six months of the year, the market calmed somewhat and prices generally stabilized, […]

Buy San Francisco Real Estate and Retire in Style

When most people think of places for retirees, they imagine somewhere such as Miami, FL or Phoenix, AZ. Those two locations do seem to have quite an abundant number of retirees, but not everyone wants to live in those cities. In fact, more and more retirees are starting to look at San Francisco real estate as […]

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