Take Me Out to the Ball Game

The San Francisco Giants have long been a favorite team of the area since 1957 following their move from New York. They have played hard to become what they are today through their strong team efforts, originally starting their club as the New York Gothams in 1883. They have truly have come a long way and been successful in their plight.


Team work is important when preparing to purchase a new home or sell your existing home. Choosing the right “team members” is the key. When looking for your “team” you want to make sure that you select a knowledgeable broker and/or agent to provide you with the best service possible. Whether you are buying or selling, your agent/broker needs to have your best interests in mind. 


A good agent/broker will make sure that potential buyers are qualified. No seller should be subjected to unqualified buyers who are not in the market to truly purchase; likewise, buyers should never be subjected to feeling the necessity to purchase a home that is not within their means or budget.


As a seller, your agent/broker should have a solidly positive reputation in terms of marketing and lengths of time listings are on the market. Given our current economic times, listing times may be longer than in the past; however your agent/broker should provide proper advertising of your property so as to acquire the shortest elapsed time period on the market and make your sale a pleasant one. 


Your agent/broker should be knowledgeable in how your home should be staged to get you the best showings possible. They should also be able to provide you with an open house that will net you the best and most effective traffic.


Additionally there are other aspects to be put into play as well, especially for the buyer. For example, your agent/broker should instruct you on the things you need to be doing as a buyer in order to make your dream home purchase come to life. Most agents/brokers work directly with lenders to get you the best financing available based on your specific situation. 


When the day comes for your closing, it should be equivalent to a grand slam home run, and you being the winner.

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