The Longer Your On The Market, The Lower Your Sales Price!

I did an analysis of the sales price of San Francisco properties as a % of list price  by days-on-market for all houses and condos in San Francisco, from January 1 to April 15, 2008.  It comes as no surprise that the longer a property is on the market, its sales price as a % of the listing price decreases.  District 5 in San Francisco (the Upper Market/Noe Valley area) is representative of all the districts across the board.  The average sales price to list price is 106.37% in the 0-30 days and goes progressively down to 94.76% in the 120+ days category.  Pricing your property is so key in this market and the old adage, “your first offers are going to be your best offers”, still rings true!  For a more detailed analysis of the SF market, go to and look at our detailed market reports.

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