Decorating Your Listed Home for the Holidays

With the holiday season upon us, it is difficult to know how much decorating a person can do when they have their home listed for sale. We’ve all been told about staging our listed home in such a fashion as to not let our personality be totally dominant.

 The same is true when you are decorating for the holidays. As always, less is better; however, that doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate for the season.
Decorating a Tree
If you are using a live tree, select one that doesn’t consume the entire room. A taller tree that doesn’t quite reach the ceiling (if you have lower ceilings) will also give off the effect that the room is larger. The same is true if you are using an artificial tree. This goes along with the theory of making the rooms in your home look big and roomy. 
Keep your tree decorations simple but stylish. Without spending a lot of extra cash, choose a color or combination of colors to decorate with, maintaining that theme in other parts of your home as well. For example, if you choose traditional reds, you can use red or white lighting and then accent with simple bows or even stemmed silk flowers. Then finish the look with red balls. The cost for these can be minimal.
Decorating the Fireplace
If you have a mantled fireplace, you can still decorate this in a very tasteful fashion, using evergreen branches (silk or well hydrated) and then follow the color scheme from the tree. Another nice touch are candles of varying heights.
Coffee Tables, End Tables and Sofa Tables
Again, stay with the color theme you set with your tree decorations. Simple bowls of colored balls or pinecones is a nice touch and gives an exquisite look of elegance. This is another place that you can use simple evergreen sprays and candles.
Outdoor Lighting and Lawn Ornaments
Here is another area that you might want to keep simple. Nice icicle lights hung from the eaves and lights on other landscaping is good. However, too many lawn ornaments may cause your yard to look small.
If you are not sure what to do, you can contact a professional home stager, speak with your realtor or look through magazines such as Better Home & Garden or even Martha Stewart. 
And last but not least, don’t leave your decorations up past New Years. No matter how you decorate your home for the holidays, you want to get it back in “show” shape as soon as possible.

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