Happy Thanksgiving

You all know the story about the Pilgrims coming to the North American continent in 1620 and landing at Plymouth Rock, thus beginning what would be the first Thanksgiving celebration. The Pilgrims, as the story was told, left the persecution and prosecution of their homeland to start anew and have “freedom” predominantly in their religion. And thus their coming to this area actually began what we now know as our land of home and opportunity, the United States of America and Canada. Canada celebrates their Thanksgiving during October and as you know, the United States follows in November.

In the United States, Thanksgiving represents early morning parades in many small communities as well as several of our major cities, the smell of the roasting turkey from the oven, an afternoon of football (even though it isn’t a Sunday), Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Cream following the great feast, time with your family and ultimately the kick off to the Christmas holiday.

I recall as a child getting up in the early morning of Thanksgiving Day and watching the parades on television with my grandmother, all the while becoming hungrier by the minute from the smell of the roasting bird in the oven. For those memories, I am very thankful. I’m sure that your memories are similar.

In spite of the economic situation presented to us in the news and as evidenced by spending trends in our day to day living, this holiday season has still seen many people traveling to spend time with family and friends; however, they have reverted somewhat to days of the past by traveling via automobile and train to their destinations versus air. The holiday is still a day of celebration and not just tradition.

As you embark on your holiday, celebrating traditions of old please have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. We wish you and yours much happiness and want you to know that we are truly thankful for all of you, our readers; for our clients; for our friends and family; but, most of all for all of the things that have been provided for us and the opportunities that we have to pursue the ventures we love the most.

Thank you…and Happy Thanksgiving!


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