The Christmas Guest

The following story has been around for a number of years.  With the holiday season now upon us, we felt this was a great message to send on to you, our readers and friends:

There was once a story told about an old gentleman who, in a dream knew that his guest for the holiday was going to be the Lord.  He worked very hard and diligent to make his home perfect for his visitor, preparing a great feast and decorating his home to look its best.

Shortly after the day had started, there came a knock at the door.  It was a poor old man who had no coat or shoes.  The gentleman invited the poor old man into his home to warm himself and gave the man a pair of old shoes and a coat from his closet.  Happy and warm, the poor old man went on his way.

Sometime later in the day, the gentleman heard another knock at his door and rushed to see his anticipated visitor, but it was only an old woman with a bundle of kindling on her back who asked for a place to rest and a warm cup of brew.  The gentleman obliged and let her set a while with a cup of coffee.  Again he was thanked as the woman, now rested and warm, went on her way.

Again a knock at the door was heard and as the gentleman rushed to greet his guest he found only a lost child who was scared an alone on Christmas day.  The gentleman again brought the unexpected guest into his home, quieted the child’s fears and wiped away her tears.  Then he took the child home to her family.

As he returned to his own home, he was saddened that the guest he had so looked forward to seeing had not visited as he had seen in his dream.  The old gentleman went to his bedroom and knelt down and prayed and asked why he had not been visited.  What had he done that had kept the Lord away?

When a voice called on him and told the old gentleman that the Lord had visited him that day.  That three times, he had come to the gentleman’s door and three times the gentleman had let him in.  The Lord told him that he had been the poor old man with bare, cold feet and the woman whom he had given something to eat and drink and the child who was lost and alone.  The Lord told him that three times he had knocked and three times he had come in.  And that each time he felt the warmth and love of a friend.

The Lord told him that the love of a friend was the greatest gift that the old gentleman could give and how honored the Lord had been to be the gentleman’s Christmas Guest.

Friends, we too, cherish the friendships and the warmth that each of you have shared with us not just during the holiday season, but during the past year but for all the years before.  We truly are proud and honored that you have been special guests in our lives and want to wish you and yours a very warm and happy holiday season.

Remember that if you give only your friendship to another, which is a most cherished gift.


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