Help! I’m Moving!

Moving from one location to another is likely the most unpleasant thing to do when it comes to the packing portion of things; however, here are a few tips that will make things a bit easier. 

  1. Space is always an issue when you are doing the packing and loading of a moving van on your own.  With that being said, stores like Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Target carry a nifty product called Spacemaker Storage Bags.  These are great ways to package out-of-season clothes and bedding.  You simply place the articles in the bag, zip the top shut (just like a ziplock baggie) and then attach the hose from your vacuum cleaner to the plug opening and suck the air out making a more compact storage for your items.  When you arrive at your location, just unzip the top of the bag and put away.  If you don’t need the articles right away, you can just store them accordingly.  And…the bags are reusable.
  2. When you package your breakable plates, make sure that you should pack them vertically rather than stacked, making sure that there is a cushion of at least paper between each plate.  This will eliminate a lot of breakage.  Home Depot, Lowes and a number of other retailers also carry Dish Packing Bubble Sleeves in which you can slip the plates and bowls into for better protection.  Don’t use newspapers as a packing wrap if you can at all avoid it as the ink is not only messy and transfers to the item, but it can also permanently stain the more porous items that you may have.
  3. When packing items, particularly breakable items, make sure there is no wiggle or jiggle room in the box.  If necessary, use wadded up paper to take up the extra space.  Less jiggle and wiggle means less breakage. 
  4. It is much better to spend a little more on packaging material to keep from having to replace fragile items.  No matter how long of a distance it is from your current residence to your new residence, some items are irreplaceable.  Skimping on appropriate packaging material may make your move a sad affair rather than a happy one.

Hopefully, these few tips will make your move much easier.

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