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Cheaper To Buy Than Rent

Though the gap is narrowing – due to rising home prices and rising interest rates (somewhat counter-balanced by rising rents) – Trulia reports it is still cheaper to buy than to rent in San Francisco (due to high rents and still reasonable interest rates), check it out here. Also, if your buyer complain about how […]

Paragon Is Number One in San Francisco Buyer Purchases

Looking back at the market since the autumn selling season sales started to close, October 1st, Paragon’s Van Ness office has represented more buyers in successful purchases than any other office in the city. Here are the top 7 offices by buyer-rep units sold:

Why Paragon Gets the Job Done!

What percentage of a broker’s listings actually close? Paragon comes in #1 among the top brokerages, for both all residential home sales and “luxury home” sales of $1.5m and above, over the past three calendar years. The charts are below. I think they make a pretty powerful statement. For homes selling for $1,500,000 and above. […]

San Francisco Percentage of Sales Selling Over/Under List Price

Current SF Home Value Tables by Neighborhood!

These tables report average and median sales prices and average dollar per square foot values, along with average home size and units sold, by property type and bedroom count for a wide variety of San Francisco neighborhoods. The tables follow the map in the following order: houses by bedroom count, condos by bedroom count, 2-bedroom […]

Price Pressure Builds Again in San Francisco Homes Market

  SF Open Homes | SF Neighborhoods | Recent SF Home Sales | New SF Home Listings Price Pressure Builds Again in San Francisco Homes Market March 2014 Report Upward pressure on home prices is based on one basic dynamic: more demand than there is supply to satisfy it. Various factors can supercharge demand, such […]

San Francisco 2013: 19% appreciation over the 12-month period according to Case-Shiller.

Paragon Real Estate is Kicking Butt in San Francisco Real Estate!

The beginning of the year is typically the slowest period for closed sales, since much of it reflects December activity. Comparing our 2014 YTD sales through February 19th with our sales in the same period in 2013: For the residential and commercial brokerages combined, our sales went from $85.5m to $179.3m, which equals a year […]

San Francisco Home Prices by Property Type

What do you think is happening to San Francisco real estate prices?

After buying a house, wait a bit on big projects!

By Alan J. Heavens, Inquirer Real Estate Writer POSTED: February 16, 2014 Although many buyers these days avoid properties that require major renovation, that doesn’t mean they’re shunning first-year projects designed primarily to make the houses they do purchase their own. Even during the real-estate boom, when buyers often had some money left over after […]

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